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An arrest occurs every three seconds in the United States and each arrest is different from one another. If an agent is not familiar with the various laws, arrest procedures, jail release requirements, court procedures and lacks familiarity with the clerks and staff members in each county, the chances are you will be misinformed and left at a disadvantage. Having been in the bail bonds industry for a number of years, we pride ourselves at being the best in the business when it comes to having the knowledge and experience to serve you properly.

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    Over the last decade, we have used our unparalleled industry experience and multi-state presence to help over Thousand of people get help with bail.

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    Our experienced, bilingual professionals are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service all day, every day. Each week, we help thousands of people get out of jail as quickly as possible by guiding them through every step of the bail process.

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There are many arrest situations occur every day and all are different. If an agent is not familiar with California law, arrest procedures, jail release requirements, court procedures and a general familiarity with the clerks and staff members in each county, the chances are you will be misinformed or mislead. Having been in business for number of years we proud ourselves at being the best in the business when it comes to knowledge and experience. that need.
Services like always being personally available to you. When you call us your call directly attended by Expert Bail Bond Agent. If it’s convenient, we will reach to your place. Apart from bail, if you are planning to take attorney, we can arrange for you. Our every client treated with care, respect and honesty.
We very well know that a defendant can not continue to work when they’re in custody, which makes the situation very difficult to support them self and prepare for their defense. This is why we offer flexible, interest-free payment plans to those that need it most. If you do not have the full bail premium amount or your money is needed to retain an attorney, just ask us if we can help.
When someone is arrested, We will study the defendants in-custody situation and analyse if arrangement of bail is the most logical and cost effective thing to do. In lot of sitiutations, bail is reduced or eliminated by the court if the defendant stays in custody just one additional day. In this kind of situations, we will advice you to come to a decision regarding bail together. Our approach is in the best interest of yours not by being unethical or misleading.
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A bail is an amount of money deposited to the court to grant a defendant freedom from custody. The defendant has a right to reasonable bail as outlined by the 8th Amendment to the US Constitution. In some instances, the defendant may not be entitled to bail. If the judge feels that the defendant is a threat to themselves or other people, they may deny the defendant bail. The judge may also deny the defendant bail if the defendant commits certain felony offenses like capital murder and aggravated assault.
The defendant agrees to pay a certain sum of money in exchange for their release from jail. The defendant must attend all future court proceedings as a condition for release. A bail bond agent facilitates the defendant’s release by drafting a contract and posting all the relevant funds with the court to secure the defendant’s release. The cosigner pays a 10% bond premium and other fees involved in the process. This premium is not refundable.
A guarantor or a cosigner is a person who is financially responsible for the defendant. The cosigner agrees to cover the entire bail amount in case the defendant misses the court date.
If the defendant does not attend the scheduled court hearings, the court may forfeit the bail bond. If a defendant doesn’t attend a court hearing, the court issues a notice to the bail bond agent informing them of the court’s intention to issue a warrant of arrest. The defendant will have a specific period to return to court to avoid a bond forfeiture. After a bail bond forfeiture, the entire amount of bail bond will be owed. The court may allow a bail bond reinstatement in some cases.

At Downey Bail Bonds we accept a wide range of bail bond payment options while securing a bond. We take money orders, cheques, and all debit and credit cards. 

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